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Updated On:04/12/2023
Technology Induction

Oil India Limited (OIL), a 'Maharatna' Exploration & Production Company has been pioneering the use of new and advanced technologies & knowledge in its activities over the years. OIL in this continuous endeavour to induct state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose technologies has implemented a 'Policy for Technology Induction' and invites technology providers to submit new technologies encompassing all the domains of Hydrocarbon Exploration, Development, Production & Transportation.

The Tech providers can directly approach OIL's user departments or can submit online any time all through the year. OIL's user departments will continuously scrutinise the direct & online submissions and invite the shortlisted fit-for-purpose technology providers to discuss the technologies and its induction feasibility.

For any queries, the following details may be utilised:

Email – oil_tech_induction[at]oilindia[Dot]in