Production Services Updated Date:02/01/2015

OIL has accumulated over a hundred years of experience in oil and gas production since the discovery of Digboi oilfield in 1889. From well completion to wellbore servicing, installation, operation and maintenance of modern surface handling facilities, OIL has the expertise to manage the entire range of operations required for onshore oil and gas production. In particular, it has perfected the techniques to produce and condition the waxy (paraffinic and asphaltenic) crude oil of Assam.

Productivity improvement measures like acid stimulation, polymer water shut-off, gravel packing and chemical consolidation are designed and implemented in-house. Coil tubing technology has been increasingly used over the last decade. OIL also possesses expertise in designing, installing and troubleshooting continuous and intermittent gas-lift systems and the related networks.

About 50% of crude oil production comes from depleting oilfields. Artificial lifting and EOR techniques adopted since late 1960s have played an important role in augmenting production and enhancing the ultimate recovery from these oilfields.

OIL produces around 5 MMSCUMD of natural gas and has a dedicated pipeline network for collection and supply of gas as fuel and feedstock to nearby industries such as refineries, fertiliser and petrochemical plants, power generation plants and 200 tea gardens. Over 90% of the internal energy requirement of varied oilfield plants and equipment is met by natural gas.

OIL utilises a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for online monitoring of production, injection, storage-cum-flowback and distribution of natural gas. It has the expertise to design, install and commission gas compressor stations and gas collection and distribution networks. OIL achieved natural gas production of 2264.57 MMSCUM and sale 1767.505 MMSCUM during 2006-2007.

An LPG plant was set up in 1982 to process 2.2 MMSCMD of gas using the Turbo Expander Technology for the first time in Asia. This plant is producing over 50,000 MT of LPG annually with feedstock supplied from OIL’s internal gas production, due to efficient operation and maintenance. The plant also handles LPG bottling.