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Updated On:06/01/2015
OIL People

The People-Work Experience
The experience and rigours of a century's existence in the oilfield operations of the lonely hills and the steamy jungles of Assam have bred a work culture without a parallel in the annals of oil companies. Growth, dynamism, adaptability and technological awareness has marked the existence of OIL and today, it is OIL's prized workforce whose unstinted dedication, dynamism and commitment has led the company on to new frontiers of progress. Not a single man-hour was lost due to industrial relations problem over the years.

Today, the company has a manpower strength of about 8800 persons.

Human Resource Development
Optimum development of Human Resources stands out to be the byword of the company objectives, concomitant with the country's goal of globalisation.

Two in-house institutes viz., The Management Training and Development Centre and the Oil Training Institute have been set up to cater to company's operational requirements. The Institutes not only offer services to the Company but also to other industries in the Northeast India for development of contemporary management practices and application, workmen training and skill upgradation.

The main thrust of training requirements is focused on:
  • Basic/advanced functional courses in Upstream Exploration and Production technologies and practices, Computer science, etc., by in-house, in-country and international faculties;
  • Basic/advanced management courses in General Management, Finance, Materials Management, Industrial Relations, General Administration, etc.
  • Statutory training on Mines Regulation, Safety, First-Aid, GTC, Explosive Handling courses and Fire-fighting courses.