Global Tenders Last Updated Date:18/11/2017
Global Tenders
  • Adapter Spool of different sizes-04 items; Total Q
  • Oil Soluble Demulsifier for Kathaloni OCS; Qty.: 3
  • Partially Hydrolysed Polyacryl Amide (PHPA); Qty.:
  • Casing, 139.7 mm, API-5CT, Premium Thread, Qty : 2
  • Hardware for Archival-Retrieval System. Qty. : 01
  • Hiring of Services for Field Core Processing and R
  • Charter Hire of 2(Two) Nos. of 500HP(Min)-750 HP(M
  • Wireline Bridge Plug, Qty.: 70 Nos. and Adapter Ki
  • Clarification to Pre-Bid & Site Visit Queries CPG1606P17