Pipelines Updated Date:31/05/2016

OIL, the pioneer in crude oil transportation in south-east Asia, owns and operates 1,432 km of cross-country crude oil pipelines. Commissioned in 1962, OIL’s crude oil pipeline traverses 79 river crossings, including the mighty Brahmaputra River rushing through paddy fields, tropical rain forests and the world’s greatest watershed zone - the Teesta Area. The state-of-the-art pipeline can transport over 8.0 MTPA of crude oil, feeding 4 Public Sector Refineries in North-east India. OIL owns 10 crude oil pumping stations and 17 repeater stations spread across the eastern India states of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar.

Department Profile
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Oil Movement
  • Telecom
  • Electrical And Cathodic
  • Pipeline Business Development
  • Projects
Technical Services
  • Construction of Cross Country petroleum pipelines.
  • Design, detailed and residual engineering studies for pipelines, tank farms, pump stations and terminals.
  • BOOT contracts for cross-country pipelines and terminals for natural gas and CNG pipelines.
  • Design and development of dedicated telecommunication infrastructure including Optical Fibre Communication (OFC), Telemetry and SCADA used in pipeline transportation system.
  • Design and development of temporary and permanent Cathodic Protection System used in pipeline transportation.
  • Fire fighting facilities with fire hydrant network in all pipeline units.
  • Preparation of Disaster Management Plan for onsite and offsite.
  • Specialised pipeline services - hot tapping, stoppling, pipe cutting & shearing off, etc.
  • Services for existing pipeline system - revamping, capacity augmentation, de-bottlenecking.
  • Supervisory services for construction of hydrocarbon transportation system - pipelines, pump stations, compressor stations, terminals, cathodic protection and telecommunication systems
Specialized Services
Hot Tapping : OIL possesses its own state-of-the-art TD Williamson hot tapping machine, capable of carrying out jobs from 50mm to 406 mm diameter at a rating of 100 kg/cm2. OIL provides end-to-end hot tapping services including split tees and saddles at commercially competitive rates on turnkey basis; it has executed turnkey projects for Indian Public Sector petroleum companies such as IOCL, BRPL, NRL, etc.

Stoppling: OIL owns a sophisticated TD Willamson stoppling machine for line plugging operations. The company provides integrated stoppling services including sandwich valves, split tees and saddles at commercially competitive rates.

Pipe Cutting and Shearing off: OIL possesses a E. Wachs National pipe saw machine which is capable of producing double bevel cuts on pipe sizes upto 559 mm diameter with wall thickness upto 12mm, in highly hazardous and inflammable conditions.

Operation & Maintenance
  • Cross-country crude oil, gas and multi-product pipeline.
  • Trunk Telecommunication System on UHF/OFC, including radio communication, telemetry, SCADA and instrumentation.
  • Cathodic Protection System of single and multiple pipelines in the same ROW and associated facilities.
  • Heavy equipment and specialised machinery.
  • Rotating equipment, pumps and engines, and ancillary equipment used in the Pipeline Transportation System (Note: Some of OIL’s pumps and engines in its Pipeline System have crossed over 200,000 running hours since installation, and are still in healthy operational condition due to the meticulous maintenance practices of the Pipeline Department).
  • Maintenance of ROW, exposure repair, river training and bank protection works, lowering of pipelines, pipeline tracking with instrumented pig, maintenance of pipeline in river bridges, submerged crossings and suspension crossings, ROW HOV and MOV maintenance, etc.
Business & Services On Offer
Pipeline contruction: OIL has bid for a number of gas pipelines, and has ventured into construction of product pipelines in consortium with IOTL for the Assam sector of Numaligarh-Siliguri product pipeline.

Project highlights:
  • Environmental clearance
  • Micro tunneling for river crossing across 7 major rivers are being carried out for the first time in India.
  • Dewaxing of 212 km of crude oil line for converting it into product pipeline.
Cathodic protection: OIL has entered into a joint venture with ICSA India to provide intelligent Cathodic Protection services in India and abroad.

Telecommunication: Design, installation and commissioning of 1,200 km of OFC network of STM–16 capacity from Duliajan in Assam to Barauni in Bihar along OIL’s row for trunk line communications. OIL has obtained national long distance(NLD) license for leasing of telecom bandwidth and Infrastructure Provider Category-I(IP-I) license for leasing out spare dark fibre and associated telecom infrastructural facility as a part of business venture.

Leasing of right of way: OIL plans to selectively lease out available portions of the 1,157 km long ROW for laying oil and gas pipelines as part of business venture.

Horizontal directional drilling: OIL is in the process of carrying out horizontal directional drilling for pipeline crossings for various agencies and Public Sector Undertakings.

  • Design engineering, procurement and tendering including construction supervision of 212 km of 16” diameter crude oil pipeline in 1976-77 for capacity enhancement.
  • Deputed experts to Tanzama Pipeline, Tanzania – Zambia in 1979–83, followed by training of pipeline personnel from Tanzama in 1986-87.
  • Establishment of 30 channel digital communication system for Naharkatiya – Barauni Pipeline including 10 pump stations and 17 repeater stations in 1989.
  • Execution of intelligent pigging survey of 600 km of 16” diameter pipeline in 1995–96.
  • Commissioning of state-of-the-art telemetry and SCADA system involving one master station, 9 pump stations and 17 repeater stations for Naharkatiya – Barauni Pipeline in 1997.
  • Construction of pump station at Barauni including all civil, mechanical and electrical works; additionally, Cathodic Protection, instrumentation, telemetry, telecommunication, SCADA, fire fighting and safety equipment were carried out in 1999 – 2001.
  • ERP – SAP: TSW module of SAP was successfully implemented in Pipeline Oil Movement section, for the first time in India and second in Asia - the module is used to monitor commercial crude oil transactions for simple and complex oil transportation scenarios where crude from different agencies are handled. The module has high-end versatility and can handle tracking of multiple products in transportation systems. OIL has developed and implemented the system and can provide supervisory consultancy in implementing the system for prospective clientele.
Present Ventures
Intelligent Pigging: Online inspection of 756 km long 355 mm (14”) main line from Guwahati to Barauni is currently underway.

HDD: Conversion of pipeline river crossings across railway / road bridges, cable stayed suspension bridges to HDD crossings is being carried out in phased manner.

Reseach & Development
OIL is carrying out research and field trials in development of intelligent Cathodic Protection System, which will help in acquisition and monitoring of real time PSP data and control of impressed current and voltage, besides mitigating abnormal conditions, to keep the pipeline and associated systems under protection at all times and in all conditions.

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