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Updated On:01/03/2019

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Extension of dates of OIL Shikshya Ratna Puraskar Self-Nomination Proforma 2018

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Oil India Limited, a Navratna Oil & Gas PSU, has instituted an award for recognising the contribution of teachers in building the nation since 2013. The award consists of a cash incentive of Two Lakh rupees, memento and citation to the awardee. In-service teachers of all provincialised schools (Elementary to Secondary) of the Government of Assam and all affiliated non-technical undergraduate colleges under the state universities of Assam will be eligible for this award. The award will be given on the basis of a selection process and evaluation by an independent jury.


The applicants are requested to submit self-attested details (in duplicate) as per the proforma duly forwarded by their Heads of Schools/Principals of Colleges/DI/DEEO/IS/President or Chairman, Governing Body of College as applicable. The duly filled up proforma (downloadable from the website : along with a recent coloured passport size photograph (two copies) and all supporting documents should be submitted to GM – PA (HOD) – Public Affairs Department, Oil India Limited, Duliajan, Assam 786602, super scribing “OIL Sikshya Ratna Puraskar 2018” on top of the envelop. Previous recipients of OIL Sikshya Ratna Puraskar are not eligible for the award. Applications should reach the above address between 19/07/2018 to 04/08/2018.


The names of the awardees will be published on 5th September, 2018 (Teachers’ Day) in leading regional newspapers and the awards will be presented in a public function to be held at a later date.


  • 16. What innovative techniques have been used for transaction of teaching-learning-processes?
  • 17. Has the teacher mobilised quantifiable community resources for the physical development of the School/College? If so, gives details.
  • 18. Has the teacher undertaken any specific activities for promoting National Integration? Give detail?
  • 19. Has the teacher undertaken any innovative experiment for greater impact of his/ her teaching on the students? Give a brief note.
  • 20. What are the types of teaching aids, including mass media, used by the teacher to make class room instruction more interesting?
  • 21. Does the teacher give any special attention and assistance to the gifted and weaker students? If so give details?
  • 22. Has the teacher participated in any service training programme, workshops etc.? If so give details of the last five years.
  • 23. Does the teacher take active interest in organising co-curricular or extracurricular activities in the School/ College? If so, give details?
  • 24. Has the teacher written any articles, text books, published research papers in established journals with ISSN & ISBN numbers respectively? If so give details of Publication (mention only those published during last five years).
  • 25. Has the teacher received any recognition Award of prize from the school/college/community/government/ any other organisation during the last 10 years? If so give particulars.
  • 26 Has the teacher attended any specialised training program/workshop to improve the teachinglearning-processes in their institutions? If so, give details.
  • 27. Has the teacher provided service as a resource person in his/her area of expertise outside his/her school/college? If so give details.
  • 28. Has the teacher contributed towards promotion of links between the students and the institution and the society around it?
  • 39. Has the teacher undertaken any specialised nature of work for the benefit of the institution as well as the society – e.g., different types of projects (minor & major) along with details of the funding agency and the total amounts received as funds?
  • 30. Any other significant achievement(s) not mentioned above.



  • 32. Does the teacher command respect among the students?
  • 33. Is he/she able to maintain discipline among the students?
  • 34. Does the teacher maintain cordial relation with his/her fellow teachers and others?
  • 35. What is the extent of participation of the teacher in activities of teacher association etc. if any?
  • 36. General Assessment by the Head of Institution/Principal of College/DI/DEEO/IS/Registrar Dibrugarh University as applicable.


RECOMMENDATION BY Head of Institution/Principal of College/
DI/DEEO/IS/ President or Chairman, Governing Body of College as